Business Line/Welding

From large structures to the field of
environment/ energy. Providing a link between
"quality" and "safety" all throughout society.

Linking the various things in all corners of society such as shipbuilding, construction machinery, power plants, brandt chemical engineering machinery, cars, and bridges/steel frames. What’s special about Kobelco Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. which offers that type of welding materials is its comprehensive strength. We always try to improve quality and safety in the field of welding by providing a total array of welding materials, equipment and technology. We deliver welding materials and raw materials made by Kobe Steel which is proud to hold the top market share in Japan along with high-quality products with superior technology and expertise such as welding robot systems, cutting machines, eco-friendly equipment, and even construction work.

Welding Solid Wire/Flux-cored wire 

Welding materials are used in cars, construction machinery, ship building, steel beams, bridges and so on. Through a superior just-in-time delivery system, we supply solid welding wire produced by Kobe Welding of Tangshan Co., Ltd. and flux-cored wire produced by Kobe Welding of Qingdao Co., Ltd.
Welding Equipment

Welding robot systems weld steel frames, bridges, construction machinery and other structures without the need for human labor. Our equipment offers high speed and reliable quality that is closely tailored to specific customer needs.

Stainless Steel Welding Consumables

Applications for stainless steel welding consumables like our popular flux-cored DW-Stainless series include automobiles and structures like floodgates, chemical tankers, and beer tanks. 

Safe and Reliable Delivery Systems

To better serve our customers, we have established a network of inventory bases that ensures prompt and reliable delivery.

Welding material for automatic welding equipment
Welders, fusion cutters, welding robots
Automatic welding equipment that reduces required manpower, dryers, chamfering equipment
Welding jigs, inspection tools, conveyance carriers
Welding and other materials, packaging materials, brazing materials