Business Line/Iron & Steel

A Stable Supply of High-Quality Steel
Products That Support Dynamic
Industrial Development

Iron and steel are essential for industrial development in such fields as automobiles, ships, electrical machinery, and plant equipment. Particularly in the context of China's rapid growth, there is great demand for a stable supply of high-quality steel. We handle all types of KOBELCO steel products that have earned high reputation for excellence, backed by cutting-edge technologies and an impressive track record of achievement.

Wire Rod and Bar

KOBELCO wire rod and bar are high quality. Because Kobelco Trading operates an integrated process that includes making the steel at Kobe Steel, drawing the wire in secondary processing,offer our customers the most advantageous information and busines sperformance available anywhere.

Titanium is light, strong, and highly resistant to corrosion. It's used in the aerospace, chemical, and power generating industries, as well as in many products surrounding us in our daily lives, such as personal computers, cameras, golf clubs and eyeglasses. Kobe Steel is a pioneer in titanium production in Japan, and the only Japanese manufacturer with acompletely integrated production system covering all phases from initial melting to product finishing. With Kobe Steel as our supplier, we can meet virtually any titanium need of our customers.

Steel Sheet

We offer a steady supply of high-quality specialty steel sheet, such as chromium-free steel sheet that reduces the environmental impact of the information industry and electrical equipment, and high-strength steel sheet that is used extensively in the automotive industry.
Steel plat

We supply Kobe Steel’s steel plat, which has excellent processability and weldability . Steel plate is vital to diverse industries including shipbuilding, construction, and bridge construction

Wire rod, cold drawn wire & bar, wire rope, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, and other secondary and tertiary wire rod products
Steel plate, steel sheet, zinc-coated, electromagnetic, and other steel sheets
Bar steel, section steel, lightweight section steel, round reinforcing bar, polished steel bar
Steel tube and pipe, columns
Special steels, stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloys
Special alloys, steel powders
Pig iron for casting, forged products, steel ingots, billets