Corporate Vision

Founded on the Chinese market,we aim to become a globaltrading company at the core of KOBELCO.

Kobelco Trading(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. was established in September 2006 as a Chinese corporation called Shinsho Corporation,and as the core trading company of KOBELCO (Kobe Steel Group) with domestic sales rights and import/export rights in China it makes contributions to Chinese society.
It consists of the five divisions of steel, iron ore, non-ferrous metals, machinery/electronics, and welding materials, and provides KOBELCO products and a wide range of other related products to customers throughout China and overseas with fine service .

Acceleration of global business
 The expanding Chinese market is linked not only to domestic but also overseas markets. We will expand our global operation by utilizing KOBELCO’s global network to meet the needs of customers in the Chinese market.

Trading Company Capabilities Enhanced
 While cherishing our foundation as a trading company, we have taken further steps to further develop the trading company’s capabilities in order to allow us to be able to make various suggestions to customers aiming to maximum customer satisfaction.

Enhancing the Foundation of Management
 Our national staff ensure smooth communication with our customers in Japanese and Chinese. We aim to offer business services worthy of the KOBELCO name by cultivating the necessary human resources to foster further global expansion.

China's business environment has grown and changed dramatically and has become more sophisticated and diversified. We would like to respond flexibly to change in order to continue towards a prosperous future of urban development for regional communities in China.

Business Network

Serving as a Group Organizer to Fully Satisfy Customer Needs

Kobelco Trading bases its operations on a business foundation provided by Shinsho Corporation, which is a core trading company of the Kobe Steel Group. Maintaining contact with all China-based companies in both the Kobe Steel and Shinsho groups, we fulfill many functions as an organizer dedicated to fully meeting the needs of our customers. Using the vast array of technological expertise provided by group companies, we positively contribute to Chinese industry and society through revolutionary technologies focused on environmental themes and other major areas of concern.

markGlobal network

Global network

markSHINSHO CORPORATION/Group company(China)

Group company(China)

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Kobe Welding of Qingdao Co., Ltd.
Kobe Welding of
Qingdao Co., Ltd.
Kobe Special Steel Wire Products (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.
Kobe Special Steel
Wire Products (Pinghu)
Co., Ltd.
Kobelco Compressor (Shanghai) Corporation'
Kobelco Compressor
uzhou Shinko-Shoji Material Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Shinko-Shoji
Material Co., Ltd.
Suzhou, Jiangsu
Yiyang Yishen Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yiyang Yishen Rubber
Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yiyang, Hunan
Guangzhou Shenchang Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Shenchang
Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou, Guangdong