Business Line/Raw Materials

A Stable Supply of High-Quality Steelmaking
Materials Through Rich Experience and
Global Network

Shinsho Corporation Group covers a wide range resources required by the society. Using the knowledge and experience accumulated through supplying materials for Kobe Steel, the high-grade steel manufacturer, we offer quality iron and steel raw materials to the customers in China. In return, it is one of our important businesses to procure abundant mineral and metal resources in China for steel manufacturers in Japan. The raw material section looks ahead to the future as a resource provider who makes the society work.


Coal is an essential material in manufacturing steel. Shinsho Corporation Group ensures stable supply of coal for coke and power generation, based on a strong and good partnership with Kobe Steel.
Titanium material

Shinsho Corporation Group supplies raw materials such as titanium sponge and titanium scrap to Kobe Steel, one of the world leading titanium manufacturers. China is potentially a huge titanium market, and we aim at a bridge for titanium raw material between Japan and China.

Scrap Iron

Due to rapid development of the steel industry, there is a lack of scrap Iron supply in China. Using the worldwide network, Shinsho Corporation Group ensures and offers quality scrap iron products to the customers in China.

China is a major ferroalloy manufacturing country. It is one of our goals to offer reliable ferroalloy to steel consumers in Japan, by establishing a good relationship over years with excellent manufacturers in China.

Main raw materials for blast furnaces, auxiliary materials for the manufacture of pig iron and steel, ferroalloys
Cook breeze, scrap iron, pig iron for steel manufacturing, raw material for titanium, slug products